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Jolly Roger Adventure, Greenbridge Rd, Swindon, SN3 3JE

Frequently asked questions

Do you charge for adults to come in?

No, we never have done and don’t intend to. We believe you should only be charged for those who are using the soft play and that’s the kids. The centre is a self supervised play area but we are about ton help keep an eye as well.

Can I bring my own food/cake in?

Unfortunately not, by keeping to this policy we can keep our prices the lowest in Swindon so you can visit us more through the year. We recommend booking a self-catering party package if you would like to bring a cake in. 

Can I leave and come back on the same ticket?

No, admission tickets are for the day but once you leave the play centre re-entry is not permitted.

Would you donate admission tickets to a good cause?

Yes, we love giving back to our community. If you have a family fun day to raise money for a noble cause then get in touch.

Why do you need our kids shoes on entry?

We keep them at reception so we can effectively manage our capacity and also helps us if we should need to evacuate to building in case of a fire.

How long does the admission last?

All day, we have never enforced a time limit and don’t intend to. We operate a one in one out basis when we reach maximum capacity.